This is a list of recent talks and conference presentations, along with science outreach initiatives and interviews promoted in partnership with our lab.  Check out the cities where we were present!

Interviews and Science Outreach


  • Modeling in Science beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic

    2020 | Online interview for the Federal Institute of Santa Catarina for Science, Technology and Education, Brazil.

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  • Neuroscience and Memory Mechanisms

    2020 | Online interview for the University of the Extreme South of Santa Catarina, Brazil.

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  •   2014

  • Open astronomical observations of the Lunar eclipses and the transit of Mercury – Regularly happening to this date

    2014 | Organizer/Speaker, Florianopolis, Brazil.

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Invited Talks


  • Adaptive networks: input encoding and learning

    2024 | IX LASCON -- Latin American School on Computational Neuroscience, São Paulo, SP, Brazil

  •   2021

  • Neuronal avalanches: are they generally representative of critical brain dynamics?

    2021 | Prof. Gustavo Deco lab, Pompeu Fabra University (online), Barcelona, Spain

  •   2020

  • A self-organized path to synaptic balance

    2020 | VIII Latin American School on COmputational Neuroscience, University of São Paulo, Brazil

  •   2019

  • Can a butterfly flap its wings in China and cause a tornado in Brazil?

    2019 | Pint of Science Florianopolis, Brazil

  •   2018

  • The chemistry that makes us think and feel: how ions and molecules control our behavior

    2018 | V Cycle of Seminars in Chemistry, Federal Institute of Santa Catarina for Science, Technology and Education, Brazil

Latest Conference Presentations


  • Coding properties of networks with firing threshold adaptation near criticality

    2023 | Bernstein Conference 2023, Berlin, Germany

  •   2022

  • Brain criticality beyond avalanches: open problems and how to approach them

    2022 | Brain Criticality Conference 2022, Online.

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  •   2021

  • A minimal integrate-and-fire model for Mossy Cells

    2021 | Organization for Computational Neuroscience Meeting CNS*2021, Online.

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  • Asynchronous irregular activity coexists with power-law distributed neuronal avalanches

    2021 | 14th International Neural Coding Workshop -- Neural Coding 2021, Online.

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  •   2020

  • Directed percolation explains experimental avalanche scaling laws under subsampling

    2020 | Brain Criticality Conference 2020, Online

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  •   2019

  • A map-based model for the membrane potential of healthy and unhealthy neurons and cardiac cells

    2019 | Organization for Computational Neuroscience Meeting CNS*2019, Barcelona, Spain

  • How to self-organize a neuronal network towards the balanced state?

    2019 | Bernstein Conference 2019, Berlin, Germany

  • Power-law avalanches and all the synchronicity states emerging in a unified model of excitatory-inhibitory balanced network

    2019 | Bernstein Conference 2019, Berlin, Germany

  •   2018

  • A stochastic and population model of epileptic seizures

    2018 | Mathematical and Simulation Modeling in Neuroscience, São Paulo, Brazil

  • Map-based neurons: a general model for the action potential

    2018 | I Working meeting of the NeuroMAT collaboration, São Paulo, Brazil